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20 photo(s) Updated on: 01 Feb 2021
  • The rubber floor needed to be removed!
  • Here you can see the condition of the floor after the seats were removed.
  • The sub floor was rotten and needed to be removed and replaced. Water had been leaking in from the old window gaskets.
  • Removing and replacing the damaged portions of the floor.
  • The rotten sections have been replaced!
  • A beautiful new commercial grade carpet is being installed.
  • The carpet is installed and the seat frames are going back in!
  • The seats are being installed!
  • All done, the interior is complete.
  • New window gaskets have been installed and body work is under way.
  • Sanding and body work under way.
  • The roof was completely sanded down, primed and a new silver paint applied.
  • The installation of new window gaskets was critical to the stabilization of the car.
  • All primed and ready for a top coat.
  • The ends of the cars were painted black.
  • Finally the top coat has been applied!
  • Top coat on the opposite side of the car.
  • All finished, with lettering applied.
  • Looking beautiful, out in the sun for the first time!

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