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Steam program

NYSW #142

No. 142 was built in the Peoples Republic of China in 1989 by the TangShan Locomotive Works. Until 2000, TangShan was the last place in the world that made production steam engines. The locomotive resembles trains from an era long ago. The engine, with tender, weighs approximately 154 tons, including 13 tons of coal and 6,600 gallons of water. The engine is hand-fired, which means someone has to shovel coal into the firebox to keep the fire hot enough to make steam. No. 142 is 14'6" high, 10'8" wide, and with tender, 75'3" long.

Steam Locomotive Program

Chief Mechanical Officer-Steam

Gary  Matthews

Managing Trustee

Dave Hutsabaut

Originally, NYS&W was to receive a different engine from China....No. 141. But, while being shipped on the Norwegian freighter S.S. Braut, the vessel capsized in the Bay of Bengal (Indian Ocean). All of the vessel's cargo, including the 141, sank in 6,000 feet of water. To this day No. 141 remains at the bottom of the Bay. After sinking, the No. 142 was purchased from the Valley Railroad in Essex, Connecticut.

The NYSWTHS is always looking for more people to get involved. We have an active steam program which will teach you  from the ground up what you need to know. During the year we have classes on everything from railroad rules training to locomotive maintenance.

#142 runs every weekend from Memorial Day until the end of October on the Belvidere & Delaware railroad where we operate the line in partnership with the Black River & Western Railroad.

If you are not afraid of getting dirty, want to be involved with one of the very few active steam programs in the US, and want to bring an inanimate piece of steel to life, simply click here and send us a note and Dave will get in touch with you!

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