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UPDATED April 2023

It's overdue to mention the latest news from our train operation:

Top of the list - Steam engine #142 came out of service for a fifteen year inspection near the end of the 2017 season. The problem was the lack of a facility to do this most intense of inspections on it and the main impetus of the Society was the erection of a new and permanent shop facility to accomplish this, and many other much needed equipment projects. The shop was constructed in 2018, had one track installed in 2019 and 142 was moved into the shop to begin work. And then came 2020 and Covid, which further delayed the project. Finally, a government requirement not previously done stalled the project further but work is proceeding to culmination at this time. An announcement will be forthcoming when 142 will return to action.

By late summer of 2022, we reached our goal of improving the track to Riegelsville. There were associated details that need attention and it was too close to the close of the regular 2022 season so we put off starting until 2023 with the full 8-1/2 mile trip, first with a test train March 18th and passenger service May 6th. Ridership is expected to climb and the Winery Train will now unload near the winery's driveway allowing more time there and is expected to become even more successful.

There is also a mile and three quarters of track out of Milford, the south end, in service for occasional use.

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