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 The New York Susquehanna & Western
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 Operations                   Martin Den Bleykler , Safety Instructor & Crew trainer



That means we don't just have a collection of static railroad equipment; we run it so the public can experience what life was like before the automotive/highway glut that ruined much of public transportation. And we're one of the few groups running steam, after over half a century of railroad dieselization.

Want To Be A Conductor?

Its easy. Our members who wish to operate trains become employees of the Black River System. We have a fully qualified training program - no prior experience is required. You can become qualified and receive training as trainman, conductor,fireman and even engineer*. Just want to be around trains? There are also many "ground" jobs during special events where you can help.

 The NYS&WT&HS operations department is responsible for the planning and operation of the Society's very successful Bel-Del operation in Phillipsburg, NJ. Our experience goes back to 1990 and includes events like "Steam On The Susquehanna" trips in the fall. This trip originated at "Susquehanna Transfer" in North Bergen and wound through the New Jersey Countryside to the historic Baird's Farm in Warwick New York. Our experience led to the permanent operation in Phillipsburg started in 2004.

With a permanent operation, each job must always be filled. Our needs are as follows:

Easter Bunny train ride - An engineer, a conductor and at least 4 trainmen the weekend and the day before Easter

Steam trips from May to October - An engineer (steam), a conductor and at least two trainmen

Thomas the Tank Engine - Two engineers (one a pilot), two conductors and a minimum 6 trainmen for two, three-day weekends. Also ground crew

Polar Express - An engineer, a conductor, a brakeman and at least 6 trainmen for weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also ground crew and extra concession help.

Planned: An engineer (railcar) and conductor for Fridays July to Labor Day

If you are interested in working on our trips or in helping in ANY WAY, please contact us and we will contact you with information about safety and training classes. Just fill out the form below and I will call you as soon as possible.


In order to work on our trips you must be a Society member, over the age of 18 and  be qualified within the rules of the railroad.

* Each position is a step on a ladder, achieved through participation, time in grade and the proper training and testing.

Not a member? Click Application.doc  or the "Join" button in the left tab.

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